Why AOC?

Increasingly, industries need to know in real time the status of their production lines in order to prepare maintenance, obtain parameters and anticipate problems in the quality of their final products.


Connector Modules

With connector modules AOC can read or extract data to monitor multiple environment parameters in real time


Operations Center

Every sensor data recorded is sent to Operations Center application, a centralized database that can track, aggregate, generates alarms and predict events


Cloud based solution

You don't have to install or acquire any hardware or additional software to use AOC. And don't be afraid, all your data is encrypted.

How Does It Work?

It's relatively simple the setup part; so simple that it's just 4 steps to start with AOC



Connector modules install & setup

We start by installing connector modules to collect data. In this step we will test the location of each connector, as well as sensors that may be more advantageous for the production line.


Data harvesting

The connectors will be connected by wifi or 3G (5G as soon as available) exclusive network for sending data in a safe way to the operations center, a solution hosted in the Cloud.



Triggers and Alarms definition

The data collected start to be cataloged. To optimize and create an efficient alert system, we will analyze the best triggers/sensor data that will be used to setup event analysis.


Event prediction

With the increase of alarms, AOC - powered by AI models - will begin to anticipate future events


Supported Connectors


Supported Sensors


Supported Alarms


Connector Modules

Featured Sensors

Here are some of our top most used sensors accross our customer base

Temperature and Humidity
Enables environment triggers

Analyse flotations in temperature along your bulding to prevent machinery breakdown or product quality issues

Enables quality and patterns triggers

Tags anomalies in products, enhancing the human eye

Enables predictive maintenance triggers

Learns with variations in machine vibration to understand when it's about to break/stop

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