From model design to target loading

Never miss a SLA with our approach

We start by reviewing the data models design, defining and developing a framework to understand the data lineage - providing business awareness on how the data is related and the dependencies - and using the best tools (your own or our framework, based on open-source technologies) to provide you robust data pipelines.

What we deliver

From data pipelines (ETL) and all related necessities, we supply a vast array of services.

Data Modelling (Star, Snowflake, 3RD, De-normalize)

Data Pipelines (Extraction and Delivery)

Data Transformation

Data Quality

Data Privacy (Right to be Forgotten, GDPR)

IoT (Internet of Things)

Support and monitoring

We deliver data. Release your pipelines to experts.

Discover new data with value.

Our data science service at your disposal. No hassles.

Data Science