Our Support & Operations service is available in 3 options.

All our services and solutions have as optional one of this detailed below. This service can be quoted as a standalone service or as a package - with other services. In this last case, a commercial discount will be applied.

Silver Gold Platinum
Responsiveness P1 Response Time 1 Bus Day 2 Hours 1 Hour
P2 Response Time 2 Bus Days 4 Hours 2 Hours
P3 Response Time 3 Bus Days 1 Bus Day 4 Hours
P4 Response Time 4 Bus Days 2 Bus Days 1 Bus Day
# of Authorized Support Contacts 1 5 15
Support Hours 8AM-5PM GMT 8AM-5PM Customer Location 24x7
Support Web Support
Email Support
Phone/VOIP Support
Success Onboarding & Provisioning
E-learning Access Logins 4 8 12
# of Health Checks p/Year None 12 24
Best Practise Sharing
Long Term Roadmap
Business Review

What we deliver

Form near-shore to off-shore, we provide support at a Global scale.

Process and Communications workflows

Template definitions

Knowledge base and catalog creation

8x5 (Near-shore)

24x7 (Near-shore and Off-shore)

Email and phone/VOIP support


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