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Project development

From T&M to Fixed price

Depending on project, idea or scope, one or multiple roles may be needed to achieve the desired goals, deliverables or scope.


Dedicated DE and DS
Companies needing flexible, on-demand expertise without the commitment of hiring full-time staff. Ideal for project-based work, temporary expansion of capabilities, or handling overflow work during peak times. Each role will have a unique engineer 100% assigned.

Data Team

Bundle package of DE and DS
Mid to large-sized businesses with ongoing projects that require predictable budgeting. Suitable for clients who need continuous improvement or long-term project engagements. Instead of a specific DE or DS, the best role will be assigned to each task. SLAs defined accordingly with agreement level

Fixed Price

Defined scope and calendar
Companies looking for complete solutions with clearly defined deliverables and timelines. This is ideal for projects with well-defined scopes or smaller companies wary of escalating costs. For projects, MVPs, POCs, Initiatives that have a specific budget and scope

Project execution

Junior to Senior Engineers

Our diverse tech teams work hand in hand with founders and leaders to define, design and deliver at every stage in the product and data journey.

Data Engineer

Data Pipeline, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), Data Integration, Database Management, Scalability

Data Engineer
Data Scientist

Modeling, Machine Learning, Statistical Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization

Data Scientist
Data Analyst

Data Interpretation, Reporting, Querying, Data Cleansing, Insights

Data Analyst
ML Ops

Deployment, Model Monitoring, Automation, Scalability, Infrastructure

ML Ops

Cloud Experts

Guidance and hands-on-keyboard through your cloud journey, from migration to AI in production

Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud

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