One approach to maximize the income revenue of a data-driven company is by selling it's own data. If done right, this is painless and - for the record - the way that all business should approach their data, to sell or not. We can help you monetize your data and insights. This is how we start...

We have multiple services that can connect, aggregate, and anonymize your data to prepare it for consumption. Since this is a standard for us, your data can be always used for commercial purposes. You can use your data on its own or enhanced with additional customer, partner, or third-party industry data to add more value to it. We can even help you applying algorithms to your data and create a data insights service or data-driven app for your business and customers.

Let's start by looking at the following scheme:
Data Monetization
To provide Data Monetization, we need to start by having Data Sources. As we see it, all current companies generate data in some format, so we apply our Data iO service to gather those sources into a single (or multiple) data pipelines to provide a constant flow of data.

Data Quality is an service that reduces data noise by making it more clear; this service performes simple or complex (using algorithms) formulas like adding default values, removing unformatted fields, normalizing fields, performing lookups to retrieve other data details, amoung others.

Data Security applies rules to excluded PII (personally identifiable information) or sensitive data based on metadata tables, customized by each customer in order to provide scalability. By excluded we mean that data can be removed or changed to a default value.

Data Enhancements provide additional details to customer data, like third-party data that could be related, giving it more value.

Data Privacy applies encryption algorythms that helps ensure regulatory compliance, making Data-at-rest secure and accessible to authorized users only.

Data Insights can generate - applying formulas or KPIs specific to customer business - new data using available data.

Data as a Service is available throw an API, web application, direct access with authentication or using export/integration with customer databases.

Data Monetization can help you develop new business, enter adjacent business, or enhance your core business.


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